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Flash 9 Updates

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

At work we create a number of applications based on Flash. A month or so ago our users began upgrading to Flash 9 and seeing intermittent crashes. This was caused by an apparent bug in the Flash 9 player on all platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows). We reported this a number of times but Adobe didn’t really respond. After some google searching I managed to track down the Product Managers for the Flash Player product. They later put me in touch with the QA team who indicates theyve release this week to resolve a number of bugs.

This new release seems to resolve all but one of the bugs we had reported. So if you’re noticing flash stability issues you may wish to upgrade. Unfortunately, the update won’t be available on Linux for a while as its still in beta 🙁

May 1st / Labor Day == 3 day weekend

Monday, May 1st, 2006

May 1st is “Dia Del Trabajador” (Labor Day) here in Argentina. Apparently, its Labor day in most of the world, with the exception of North America (US / Canada). Everyone in Argentina has the day off, Ukraine has 2 days.

Wikipedia has today listed as “May Day” or “International Workers Day”.

According the article the US celebrates Labor Day in September because “May Day” had connections to communists and their philosophies.

Anyways, so its a 3 day weekend for me here in .AR. After years of working both US holidays because my coworkers were in .AR / .CA and .UA, and .AR holidays, because many of our customers are in the US, I finally put my foot down and told work to pick a holiday calendar. Working 365 is a pain in the ass.

Todays plans:
* Maru’s family came over to the new apartment for lunch.
* Veging out watching downloaded TV and catching up on RSS feeds.

At work on my day off…..

Friday, March 24th, 2006

Somehow they managed to drag me in on a national holiday……. Honestly, I have no idea what its is I’m supposed to be comemorating today. Argentina has never had a national holiday on March 24th before. To me it looks like a made up day to get at least one long weekend in March. Either way, I still wish I hadn’t been dragged in here.

Number finally transfered

Tuesday, November 30th, 2004

So my phone number was finally transfered. Vonage, Focal and T-Mobile all continue to blame each other as to who was at fault. I point at Vonage because it only took me one phone call to Focal to get this taken care of. Anyways, my old cel number now rings here in Buenos Aires.

More info on Marc Hamilton at SCALE 3x

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

So yesterday I posted about Marc Hamilton joining us at SCALE 3x (2005) Marc spoke on one of our pannels at SCALE 1x.

Here is a link to Marc’s bio. If you want to see his pannel discussion its available on the SCALE 1x site courtesy of LPBN