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Neverending Spam Story

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Spam attempts on my blog have increased exponentially over the last few weeks. I think the increase is a result of me losing my CAPTCHA plugins when I upgraded to WordPress 1.5.2. Needless to say its very annoying and I’ll be adding CAPTCHA back in as soon as I have a moment.

SCALE 4x is Finally Here

Friday, February 10th, 2006

I’ve been here at the Radisson LAX most of the day preparing for SCALE 4x. Its about 4am right now and I’ve had no more than 3 hours sleep per night all week. Between work and SCALE I seem to have no time on my hands lately.

After running around with SCALE errands until 10pm, Maru and I stumbled up to the Radison’s Penthouse bar. We chatted with Jono Bacon, Ryan Singer, Doug Heintzman, and David Eisenberg. Most of the talk surrounded OpenOffice and OpenDocument at first, but then moved on to open-source business models. Its an interesting group of guys and I cannot wait to hear their presentations tomorrow. I only hope I can get a few minutes away from expo floor setup to check it out.