May 1st / Labor Day == 3 day weekend

May 1st is “Dia Del Trabajador” (Labor Day) here in Argentina. Apparently, its Labor day in most of the world, with the exception of North America (US / Canada). Everyone in Argentina has the day off, Ukraine has 2 days.

Wikipedia has today listed as “May Day” or “International Workers Day”.

According the article the US celebrates Labor Day in September because “May Day” had connections to communists and their philosophies.

Anyways, so its a 3 day weekend for me here in .AR. After years of working both US holidays because my coworkers were in .AR / .CA and .UA, and .AR holidays, because many of our customers are in the US, I finally put my foot down and told work to pick a holiday calendar. Working 365 is a pain in the ass.

Todays plans:
* Maru’s family came over to the new apartment for lunch.
* Veging out watching downloaded TV and catching up on RSS feeds.


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