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Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

AOL users drive me nuts!

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Why do people signup for mailing lists and then report them as spam? 
Its insane.  You know whats worse? People who get *RECEIPT* e-mails
confirming credit card transactions that they have made  and marking
those as spam.

We’ve had some limited reports via spam cop, but almost 99.99% of the
time, these crimes against intelligence are commited by AOL users.  Or
at least AOL is the only organization that has ever bother blacklisting
me because of it.  ?   The e-mails are *always* 1 time shots sent out
to confirm signups
or receipts for payment / deposits.  It is beyond ridiculous. 

I’m not sure whats worse though, the monkeys who report us or the ISPs
who bother listening to them and relaying the message on to us.  ISPs
so scared these days of being on a blacklist that they will almost
caiter to any ass clown who says “site X spammed me, pull them
offline!”.  This sheer stupidity.  They’ll actually ask you to stop. 
Stop what? Allowing AOL users to access services



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