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Boca Juniors

Monday, December 19th, 2005

As you probably know, soccer is fairly popular down here in Argentina. Today one of the more popular teams here the Boca Juniors (Wikipedia Link) won the national championship. As soon as the game ended the entire city errupted into a loud mix of singing, honking car horns and fireworks. It was 3:30am~ before the noise competely died down.

Playing with plugins

Sunday, December 18th, 2005

I spent the morning playing with word press plugins and themes.
If anything is broken its probably because of that.
Things will stabalize once I get bored 🙂

Update: So the layout here ended up staying the same. The plugins I added are really mostly backend features nobody else will notice. I do plan to customize it more. On the other hand, I finally got the SCALE Podcast Blog to use the same template as the rest of the SCALE site. It look a while to figure out because its been forever since I touched HTML or CSS. Anyways, I think it came out half way decent and the experience I gain with wordpress should help me if / when I do redesign