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new powerbook

Saturday, May 28th, 2005

I’ve picked up a new Powerbook. It is the 12″ model. The fan is a little loud but other than that its awesome. I was watching a DVD earlier on my CRT while browsing the web and copying files over the network on the LCD. I didn’t feel a single hickup!

Now the question is should I install Linux? I’ll definately be putting Fink on here, but I don’t believe the wireless or network card are supported in Linux due to being based on Broadcom drivers. I’ll do some more research tomorrow while at SCLUG.

Found LinuxFund

Saturday, May 28th, 2005

I managed to track down one of Linux Fund’s founder’s Benjamin Cox. We have a conference call scheduled for next weekend. I have a pretty good idea on the status of LinuxFund, but Id rather wait until I have the whole story before reporting. If you’re interested in what I know so far feel free to contact me privately.