Twitter updates for 2008-04-29

  • @lisah: i was referring to he embedded ads on the download pages on they’re better now, but they used to be a lot worse. I ga … #
  • @roebot: is 1.9.1 still being planned for release soon? or will you be going straight to 8.5 ? #
  • @roebot: cool, just curious because ive looking forward to a few features that were slotted for 1.9.1 originally. #
  • @roebot: i still owe you an account on that middle school science deki wiki install. ill try and get you the info this week #
  • damn. starting to get twitter spam #
  • looks like i get to go on vacation next week. #
  • @FuzyPinkBunny: quit complaining and get back to work 🙂 #

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