Twitter updates for 2008-04-28

  • Heading for canada from bellingham. Hoping the border won’t be too bad. #
  • Stuck in traffic waiting to cross the northern border. #
  • Waiting for my car to be searched #
  • Candians can’t understand why I’d want to visit for only a few hours #
  • I hope the border patrol is having fun searching through my dirty clothes #
  • After a long customs search I’m back in the us from canada #
  • Finally at sea waiting for my flight to lax #
  • time to board the plane…. today will be an even longer day. hopefully ill get a little sleep on the flight #
  • @elkins looks like the upgrade went well on my Dell laptop. #
  • @elkins they did not ask about my laptops. i had 2. they did look through *everything* though including the unopened mail in my bag. #

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