links for 2008-09-27

  • From Don Marti's blog, he is no longer Editor at; hes now writing for Apparently is no more, which is unfortunate as I was enjoying the content since Don took over there.
  • Surprise, surprise; Microsoft is not meeting the documentation requires for their anti-trust settlement with several US states and the federal government. Apparently MSFT won't even have a *schedule* for when the documentation will be ready until January 2009! The settlement requires they be ready by November 2009. if they fail these requirements I hope that some gutsy attorney generals (at either the state or federal level) will rake them over the coals. Between the EU and US anti-trust ruling Microsoft has made it clear they plan to shrug off regulators in every way they can.
  • Please call your senators and let them know you disapprove of your tax dollars being used to enforce copyright. The Department of Justice has better things to do with their time and resources than to litigate these issues on behalf of the content industry.
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