Twitter updates for 2008-08-01

  • Last day at the office before vacation…. Company picnic tomorrow, then out for LinuxWorld/SplunkCamp next week. #
  • @pjf is your oscon illustrated history of failure talk available online anywhere? I enjoyed it and was hoping to share it with a friend. #
  • @rossturk re: the quake. i was in the office in santa monica, sitting against a glass wall. look me up next time you’re in this neck of … #
  • Working to relaunch BytesFree as GeekPAC. Deki makes it easy. Search with lucene. Find instances. Replace. thanks @mindtouch #
  • @roebot happy now? I set a picture. #
  • @rossturk ah you meant the other barneys. I forgot you’re out that way #

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