SCALE Status Report Week of June 30, 2007

I noticed a number of the Mozilla Foundation staff blog their weekly status reports. In hopes of adding a bit of transperancy to what we do here at SCALE, I am going to make an attempt to do the same.

  • Released SCALE 5x financial results.
  • Provided SCALE Chairs with 2008 venue contract for review.
  • Answered team questions regarding the 2008 venue contract.
  • Discussed initial Chairs feedback with venue, requesting contract modifications.
  • Continued work on updating / revamping SCALE sponsorship packages.
  • Issued call for volunteers (Sponsorship Committee and OSCON/UbuntuLive Booth)
  • Confirmed travel plans for OSCON.
  • Began booth planning for OSCON.
  • Provided tech / web committees with initial spec list for SCALE Blog software.

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