Scott Rosenberg: Craigslist's money left on the table?

The absence of ads is one of the key factors behind Craigslist’s phenomenal success.

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I would disagree with Scott on this one.  Craigslist is successful because its simple and gives great results.  Here in Buenos Aires, its simple but gives no results which is why it isn’t popular here yet.  Text ads from google or a similar service would not detract from this and would not turn me off to their site, as long as they were kept simple and limited to 2-3 per page.

There is no reason for them not to cash in on this revenue stream, unless they just aren’t interested earning extra money. 

Again nobody is suggesting heavy graphical ads or flashbased ads.  Just a few simple text ads per page.  If this done right, it could generate a large revenue stream and  have limited to no effect on  user experience or site functionality.

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