Because effect and WiFi

Doc discusses “the because effect” Apparently, Wyndham Hotels made broadband free and found that usasge increaesd 4x. Basically they’re making more money because they’re now giving this extra service away instead of charging for it.

This is the model for wifi, and other services, is the one I think works best. One of the many reasons SCALE 4x chose The Westin as our new home, was free wireless for guests. The LA Convention center used to charge somewhere around $40 / day!! In addition there are plenty of restaurants here in Buneos Aires that I wouldn’t normally eat at. However, as soon as I found they had free wifi I became a frequent customer. Now they sell me their bad / overpriced food, because I want to be online.

I hate coffee but I’ll drink it every day if you give me a reason to hang out at your store. Thats how Havana hooked me here. I wish starbucks would realize this in US. Why don’t they pay Tmobile or whoever some set fee per location and then offer free wifi to their customers?

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