Well folks, I leave for another summer in Argentina in less than 48 hours. This will be my third trip down to South America. It should only be through early August this time. (the last trip lasted 9 months)

When I get down there it should be mid-Winter so I’m hoping to convince someone to go skiing with me. I’ve packed my ski jump suit and other winter clothes. I’ll only need to rent the skis and maybe buy some new gloves.

Amazingly American Airlines appears to have added power ports to almost every seat in their fleat. I checked the seating charts online just now and made sure to request seats in rows with those ports. Now all I need to do is buy some sort of power inverter because apparently these are just standard cigarette lighter ports. According to the web both BestBuy or CompUSA have them. Any recomendations on specific models? I plan to use it with my PowerBook, but I was just thinking I’d buy one with a standard AC outlet on it so that I could charge other devices as well. Thoughts?

One other thing I should probably get before I leave is sometype of pre-amp for my powerbook. My mic is unpowered so I’m having a hell of a time getting anything recorded for the SCALE podcast via the PowerBook’s line in. The other option is to just stop using the powerbook and record straight to the iRivers.

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