Podcasting plans

As I’ve mentioned before I’m thinking about doing my own podcast. Anyways, one of the ideas I’ve been working on is doing interviews and other recordings at SCALE 3x. I briefly spoke to Doug Kaye at IT Conversations about making some of our talks available there. It is still unclear if we can pull that off. Anyways, if you’re in Southern California and want to help out with producing some of the content drop me a line. It can be anything from interviewing speakers and sponsors to just helping set up the recording gear. Several shows out there such as Kevin Devin’s in the Trenches have mentioned interest in segments, etc maybe we can submit some of the interviews to them? Just brain storming here. I look forward to hearing people’s ideas.

By the way we added some social events to this year’s show. Check out the calendar online

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  1. Hey Ilan,

    Any content that would be of interest to Sys Admins I would definitely be interested in. Drop me a line and lets see if we can’t arrange something.


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