Red Hat: We need to get enterprises involved in the open-source community

I spotted the following quote from OSBC by Red Hat’s new CEO Jim Whitehurst. It comes via InfoWorld’s Paul Krill.   I completely agree with this statement. Too many IT organizations  are happy to consume open-source but not contribute to the community via source code, sponsoring projects, etc.   What types of programs can we as a community create to help enterprises participate and/or support the community?

Not every organization has the resources to sponsor a Google Summer of Code type program, but are there things that can be done on a smaller scale?  Or are there potential ways in which IT organizations can pool their resources to support larger projects like GSoC?

More needs to be done to get enterprises involved in the open-source community, Whitehurst said. “We do a lousy job of getting enterprises involved in the community,” he said.

(via InfoWorld)

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