Yahoo Games 3 – Wine 0

I decided to try and do some of the things my 11 year old sister does with her windows PC under wine. The first thing I did, was grab a few random shareware and demo games off of Yahoo games and

1) Snoodoku – Installed properly, but did not run at all. I filled bug report 4852 about this issue.

2) Lemonade Tycoon installed but would not run. No errors. I run it and nothing happens. Diner Dash, Family Feud, and a few others did the same. I haven’t created app entries or filed bug reports yet on these issues as I’d like to try and get more info on what the problem is.


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  1. Well, Family Feud is actually a classic game that traces back wayback in the 80’s i guess. It is a nice game anyway..;,

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