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ODF In Belgium

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

Bob Sutor points out thatBelgium has chosen ODF as their standard.

Bob, are any of the vendors (IBM? Sun? etc) going after more states in the US? Things have seemed rather quiet in the US since Peter Quinn resigned. At SCALE 4x we had some of your colleagues from IBM and Sun out to speak about ODF in government, in hopes of spurring a debate in California…

The Sun folks indicated they were still afraid to make another push here in the US after the backlash in MA.

I wonder if thats still an issue.

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SCALE 4x is Finally Here

Friday, February 10th, 2006

I’ve been here at the Radisson LAX most of the day preparing for SCALE 4x. Its about 4am right now and I’ve had no more than 3 hours sleep per night all week. Between work and SCALE I seem to have no time on my hands lately.

After running around with SCALE errands until 10pm, Maru and I stumbled up to the Radison’s Penthouse bar. We chatted with Jono Bacon, Ryan Singer, Doug Heintzman, and David Eisenberg. Most of the talk surrounded OpenOffice and OpenDocument at first, but then moved on to open-source business models. Its an interesting group of guys and I cannot wait to hear their presentations tomorrow. I only hope I can get a few minutes away from expo floor setup to check it out. — SCALE Dreams

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Gareth posted today about his SCALE related dreams… I usually experience something similar as we approach SCALE. They are usually nighmares about things not working out as planned.

I think the weirdest one yet was last year. In the dream every single one of the SCALE staff forgot about the event until after it started. On the day of the event thousands of people showed up looking for SCALE and found nothing planned etc.

Next thing I knew it was like a Monkee’s episode. We scrambled around, while singing a song or two, and then out of no where we had speakers, sponsors and a successful show. ยป SCALE Dreams

AC/OS: Seeing is believing: Scalix

Saturday, January 14th, 2006

Matt Asay writes about Scalix’s web based mail client.
Scalix will be speaking / sponsoring Matt’s OSBC. They will also be speaking and sponsoring SCALE 4x Matt will be speaking as well.

AC/OS: Seeing is believing: Scalix

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Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Bob Sutor points out that MA will continue with ODF. This great news for MA and for ODF. For those of you interested in getting your state or local government using ODF please ask you representatives to attend SCALE’s ODF in Government Workshop