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At work on my day off…..

Friday, March 24th, 2006

Somehow they managed to drag me in on a national holiday……. Honestly, I have no idea what its is I’m supposed to be comemorating today. Argentina has never had a national holiday on March 24th before. To me it looks like a made up day to get at least one long weekend in March. Either way, I still wish I hadn’t been dragged in here.

FreedomHec in Seattle this May

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

Don Marti and Greg Kroah-Hartman are organizing an “un-conference” about making hardware compatible with open-source operating systems (specifically Linux). It will be held in Seattle aroudn the same time as

Why do I have 3 browsers open?

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

Lately I’m finding myself running 3 browers at a time. When I noticed I kill everything but Camino. Safari is probably the fastest browse, but I prefer firefox because of all the extensions, etc. Unfortunately its just so damn slow on OS X. So I grabbed camino, which works about as fast as Safari, and feels more comfortable than Sarai. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support any of the Firefox XUL extensions.

Microformats and WordPress

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

Every few months I stumble onto something I consider “cool” or “interesting” that I want to try out here on Usually the expirement ends with me making modifications to my WP template or upgrading it. Today the culprit was microformats thanks to a post by Don Marti on the subject.

After reading up on microformats, I’ve added hcard to my blog. I dabbled with hcal and hreview a bit, but I don’t have any events or reviews worth posting at the moment.

Anyways, that experiment lead me to the structured blogging plugin for wordpress, which now shows me that wordpress is at 2.0.2 (I’m running 1.5.x at the moment). So now I’m reading about WP 2.0.x and trying to decide if theres anything in there that I want.

Wine – Weekend Update

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

Apparently my issues with Snoodoku (4852) under Wine are related to my X and video card configuration, and not a wine issue. (see bug As result my bug report was closed.

Additionally others have reported success with Lemonade Stand, so that might be a configuration issue as well. I’ll be testing with more debug options and a newer version of wine this week.

On another note, I updated my wine install to 0.9.10 on Friday and began retesting my bug reports under the new version. Meetro (4848) is still broken, as is SlingPlayer (bug 4871).

I haven’t been able to retest the yahoo games under it yet. I’ll probably take the weekend off and start again Monday.