Last weekend in BA

Its my last weekend here in Buenos Aires. I wasn’t able to do nearly as much as I planned. Working 15 hours a day sorta gets in the way of “fun”. I still managed to go out most weekends though.

Anyways, I managed to get through about half of the tasks I’d planned for June / July including setting up an samba/ldap domain for the call center and building an asterisk based phone system.

Yesterday I met up with Maru for the first time this trip. We met at the Uma opening about a year back. Somehow we kept missing each others calls, etc throughout the 2 months I was here. Looks like we’ll probably meet up again this weekend before I head out.

Anyways, then monday night at about 21:30 I fly out of EZE to LA. Then Tuesday morning when I arrive in LA I’ll likely be taking a flight to SJC for LinuxWorld. If you’re at Linux World drop me a line. I won’t have a cel phone, but I’ll be checking my voice mail fairly frequently at 818-442-1865.

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