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Effects of MACOS-x86 on Linux and OSS

Thursday, June 9th, 2005

IT Garage wonders if the x86 transition might be beneficial to OS X in the home user market. My hope is that adding another x86 platform might cause vendors to release more information about their hardware so Linux and other OSS drivers might have better access to drivers.

I think their right on about the change part though. Hopefully, it will cause vendors to open more of their standards so that they can the move will be easier. (Its pretty easy already). Once people get used to dealing with change more often theyll likely be less hesetant. Thats why geeks are able to switch from Linux to OS X to Windows or whatever several times a day.

Most users haven’t learned this skill because they’ve only had access to one operating system in their day to day lives.

Digital Music Collections

Thursday, June 9th, 2005

Jeremy Zawodny posted some thoughts earlier today about digital music collections. He wonders:

Soon, being able to scan your friends music for common discs will be gone too.

I wonder what the digital version of that will be?

I think the aswer to your question is social networking sites like AudioScrobler which monitor your listening habits via various media player plugins (itunes, xmms, etc supported).

Heres my profile… I’ve only been using it a week or two. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to watch the music I listen to on my iPod. I think I listen to completely different things while in my car (podcasts, audiobooks, different music, etc).

SCALE Podcast – Srinivisan

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

Sumitra’s talk is now online. She covers her research on the influence of free and open-source software on India.

A Decade of PHP

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

that tomorrow June 8, 2005 will mark the 10 year aniversery of PHP.

Thanks to the work of Rasmus Lerdorf, and others, PHP has transformed the face of the web over the last 10 years. PHP has been part of my projects and websites since 1998 when Josh Hyman (1), Ben Reynolds and I created a website for the ThinkQuest competition (although Josh did most if not all the PHP coding at the time). Since then I’ve used it in everything from school projects and personal websites to various internal projects at work.

In addition many of the tools I use in my day to day life would not be possible without the existance of a language like PHP:
– PhpMyAdmin
– WordPress
– SugarCRM
– SquirelMail
– Gallery
– dotProject

I’d also like to thank Rasmus for speaking at SCALE 1x back in 2002 at USC:

Heck even the SCALE site is mostly written in PHP 🙂

Linux Fund?

Monday, June 6th, 2005

I’m amazed I haven’t seen more blogs discussing Linud Fund’s status.
Where are the big names of open-source on this? Linus? Dibona? Doc? FSF?

I think its going to take a trusted name to restore the community’s faith in the program. I’ve already heard plenty of people say they plan to drop their card. I worry that if this happens LinuxFund may not be viable when it resumes operation.