Reports from SCALE 3x

SCALE got some decent press this year. According to feedster over 2000 articles have linked to us! I’m listing several bellow.

  • Tom’s Hardware Guide: Southern California Linux Expo by Humphrey Cheung
  • My Word: SCALE: Southern California Linux Expo by Douglas E. Welch
  • Maddog’s Body Gaurds by Nate Pinckney
  • Linux Journal: SCALE 3X Wrapup Report by Jefferey Bianchine
  • by Ken Leyba
  • by Jason Riker
  • FedoraNews: 3rd Annual Southern California Linux Exposition by Oisin Feeley
  • LinuxQuestions Radio: LinuxChixLA by Harold Johnson
  • LinuxQuestions Radio: by Harold Johnson
  • Dynatech: SCALE 3x and Pre-Grammy Awards
  • SomeThingThatHappened: Arriving at SCALE by Harold Johnson
  • LockGnome: Open Source 747 Cockpit Simulator by Marc Erickson
  • Southern California Linux Expo by Marc Hamilton
  • KPFK (90.7 FM) Radio Interview (MP3)
  • Mike’s Thoughts: Humor and All
  • Second Day of SCALE Meetings
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