T-Mobile vs Vonage

So I’ve been attempting to have my number ported from T-mobile to Vonage for over a month now. Vonage is slow at this because they use a 3rd party called Focal Communications to handle the transfers. The biggest issue I’ve had with Vonage is this delay and the *EXTREMELY* long hold times and delays in responses to e-mails. 9 times out of 10 I cant even reach a representative on the phone as I’m told to “try back later”.

Anyways, Vonage has told me multiple times that T-mobile rejected my request to transfer the number. First Vonage said it was due to a typo on my SSN, then an issue with my t-mobile account number. I know I provided them accurately because I have the forms I faxed in and e-mails I sent here in front of me, but I went along with it and resubmited the information each time. I recieved multiple e-mails telling me my transfer was accepted and that I would be good to go in less than 24 hours. Each time they needed some other information.

Over the weekend I spoke with T-mobile on some billing issues and asked as to the status of the number transfer. And guess what? They told me they had no idea what I was talking about. The number had been approved to be ported out about a month ago and they tell me Vonage or Focal canceled the request *multiple* times.

Finally today I was able to convince Vonage to hang on the line while I conferenced T-mobile so they could hash their stories out over the phone and find out what was actually happened. The conclusion the three of us came to is: Vonage requested the transfer over a month ago, T-mobile approved it, Vonage left the transfer dangling and never picked up the number, after 30 days of waiting in limbo there T-mobile took back the number. So I’m not sure who is at fault here, but I’m a bit annoyed.

One interesting thing is the difference in the quality of service you can find at both companies. There are times when I’ve found reps at both parties to be inept, uninterested and down right rude. Other times they I’ve had great service with both. I guess it just depends on who you get and what kind of mood their in. Today Vonage was the one in a pissy mood and seemed very unhelpful. John @ T-mobile on the other hand decided to take the time to show this Vonage rep a thing or two about customer care. Any time there was a delay he’d ask how my day was, how the weather was, etc. The vonage guy would say nothing and disappear for 10 – 20 min without even putting me on hold. Hopefully he’ll learn from the T-mobile guy. Anyways, it could easily be the other way around next time. T-mobile being unhelpful and Vonage doing their best.

Moral of the story: everyone’s customer service sucks.

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