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Apparently the dog just hated me….

Saturday, September 18th, 2004

Saturday night we went out to a club called Follia here in Buenos Aires. I was walking to the end of the line to get in. All of a sudden this dog came out from the middle of the line and refused to let me pass. Growling and barking and jumping at me.

Not wanting to be bitten I went around a different way thinking “what the hell is a dog doing here?”. When I finally got to to the back of the line I was only allowed to stay in line for about 30 seconds because the dog had tracked me down. It seemed quite pissed that I had managed to get in line. Eventually it chased me out of the line.

For the next 15 – 20 minutes I played a game of cat and mouse with the dog. Someone would distract it and call it away and I would try to get back in line. Each time the dog would realize I was trying to get close to the club again and run back. It would not let me with in 10ft of the line. I had to wait in the middle of the street to keep him from growling at me.

The dog didnt seem to mind anyone else. There were over 50 people in line and many of them would pet the dog or play with him as they waited to get in. They would tell me “oh dont worry he is friendly,” but as soon as I got any closer he got vicious.

Finally someone managed to get the dog almost a block away and I thought “now is my chance.” I ran to the line and hid in between all the other people. I figured the dog would forget about me or a least I could stay hidden long enough to get inside. I was wrong. With in seconds the dog realized what was going on and ran back barking all the way. It tracked me down in the crowd of people and chased me out of the line and into a corner.

I found myself with my back to the corner of the metal gate surrounding the enterance to the club and the rest of the building. I waited there several minutes as the dog barked and growled and refused to leave. From the crow I could hear some people laughing. Others were saying “poor dog he is so scared!” One in a while I would catch someone looking at me. I would look back hoping they might have a suggestion for me. Most them just smiled and shrugged as if to say “good luck with that”.

Eventually some random old guy off the street convinced a bouncer to let me in through the gate I was up against. The bouncer let me in and was very cool about the whole situation. I was just happy to be away from that dog.

Apparently just minutes after I entered the club the dog just walked up by the bouncers and fell asleep on the patio that is the enterance to the club. He stayed there sleeping all night. I guess the whole ordeal tired him out. When I left the club hours later the dog was still there sleeping.

Lessons in Parenting

Friday, September 17th, 2004

So the lesson of the day is: hire a baby sitter or dont go out.
In the last 24 hours I’ve seen:

  • A father steering his motorcycle with one hand while holding his baby (couldnt have been more than a year old) with the other.
  • Couple’s in a bars (drinking and smoking) carrying their todler around (2 – 4 year olds).

Random thought: Oreo in Argentina

Friday, September 17th, 2004

For some reason Oreo’s in Argentina are significanly smaller than those in the States.
They’re about 2/3 or less the size of their American counter parts.

First Post

Tuesday, September 7th, 2004

Finally decided to setup a blog. I figure the only way I’ll document / remember my time here in Argentina is if I combine this blog with the pictures I’ve been putting in gallery.

The other reason is well… was looking pretty bare and this makes it easier to have something up than having to design everything all at once.

I should probably come up with a better design than the template.

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